American Truck & Rail Audits, Inc.


AMTR Company Overview and Service Highlights
Who are we?
  • Nations premier provider of expert-based freight auditing and transportation-related knowledge services
  • In business over 35 years; 160+ years of transportation expertise on staff
  • Business focus: to provide after-payment auditing services as a complement to clients internal freight payment process or as a back-up/verification audit to clients that already use a third-party pre-audit and pay
What do we do?
  • Portfolio of services include: After-payment (Post) Audit, Pre-audit and Pay, and Education/Consulting
After-payment (Post) Audit--our signature servicenever costs, only pays!
  • Focus is recovering overcharges; 20% of client invoices have errors; 20-30% of those contain recoverable $$
  • Auditors process client invoices, identify errors, & handle all claims processing for the client
Pre-audit and Pay--offered to small/medium-sized shippers in need of an outsourced transportation function
  • Auditors audit client invoices before the client pays; AMTR can pay directly as well
Education/Consultinghelping clients to "know what they dont know
  • Data & process analysis, contract development/negotiation, tariff interpretation, transportation knowledge
How are we different?
  • Home of Smart Auditing®; business model based on human, transportation experts; unique in the industry
  • Our transportation/audit experts drive the auditing processnot automated technology
  • Education, training, and credentialing requirements ensure auditors are most knowledgeable in industry
  • Auditors are enabled by leading-edge IT tools/proprietary knowledge-based discovery processes
  • Bottom line: AMTR uses expert-based knowledge enabled by technology to discover overcharges, to recover funds,and, then, to educate clients in order to prevent future loss.
Why choose AMTR?
  • We are the largest and oldest, expert-based, after-payment (post) audit firm in the industry
  • Our knowledge-based, Smart Auditing® approach is singular in the industry; we have no peer competitors
  • Auditing is our core competency; we can do it quicker & cheaper because of knowledge & industry connections
  • Every client/account is handled by a personal auditor using a staff of experts to back them up
  • We do secondary & tertiary audits; we also love to audit behind automated systems
What is the impact of our service?
  •  Average 2-5% of freight spend recovery on initial audits; 13% yearly average savings across all invoices with errors
  •  95% of all disputed charges and filed claims are recovered for clients who supply full access to required data
  •  Identify voluntary overpayments (right charges, wrong approach) that can be prevented in the future
  •  Benefits of returned freight overcharges=lower freight costs & larger profit margin
  •  Benefits of outsourcing freight related tasks=less accts payable congestion/lower overhead/lower freight cost
  •  Benefits of education & knowledge gained=future savings/process improvement
Who are our clients?
150+ clients; serve some of the countrys largest rail and truck shippers including Fortune 100/500 companies
An After-Payment Freight Audit from AMTR can recover rail freight cost losses with our industry-leading Smart Auditing® while equipping your company with knowledge, tools & experience to reduce your rail freight expenditures.
Our signature service the After-Payment Freight Audit
Whether your rail freight payables are in-house or outscored to a pre-audit and pay firm, you can still
benefit from an After-Payment Freight Audit from AMTR, for a number of reasons:
  • Pervasive knowledge loss: Lack of current educational opportunities in Transportation rules and regulations
  • Loss of in-house experts: due to downsizing or outsourcing of transportation processes
  • Over-reliance on computerized systems: automated audits or complex systems cannot handle every contingency human knowledge is required


18 Remount Road
North Little Rock, Arkansas 72118
United States of America

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